Take a look at my old standbys

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Whenever I start a new iOS Swift project, the first thing I do is import my Utilities and Extension files. They help me make my programming more efficient. Let’s have a look at my six favorite and most essential extensions.

1. Dropping Shadow Under UIView

When implementing modern designs, dropping a shadow under a UIView

The Switch from working with multiple displays to developing on my 13-inch laptop screen

A few years ago the trend for needing an infinite amount of displays came along. Everyone wanted the desktop to look like a trading desk on Wall Street.

Photo by Murai .hr on Unsplash

I reached my personal peak in 2017 when working with three 27 inch displays (which required a very expensive adapter, as my…

How Apple missed the opportunity to bring any value to making the iPhone 13 notch smaller and fulfill their promise of revolutionary and “better-than-ever” products

The iPhone 13 and the “all-new” notch

Finally, after four years of making close to no effort in improving and changing the screen (except slightly slimmer edges with the iPhone 12), Apple decided to slim up the notch at the top of the screen with the new iPhone 13. This finally gives back some space to the…

The modern project management framework for agile startups and small teams working together efficiently and cross-functionally

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

While there are plenty of project- and team management methods, most of them are not 1:1 applicable to pre-scale technology startups. With most small startups, clearly identifying stakeholders and building development teams with clear assignments and technology areas is difficult. Implementing a full version of Scrum is often considered high…

Mats Bauer

Technical Project Manager & Sr. Mobile Application Developer at Quoori

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